Holy Angel School

For Parents

  • The very first condition of admission is that parents/Guardians will comply strictly with the terms and rules stated here and pay by the due 'date' the tuition 'fee’s' and other charges.
  • Parents are requested to enforce regularly the discipline. Kindly see that their children daily prepare their lessons .
  • Politeness , courtesy of speech and conduct, cleanliness in dress and person should be inculcated.
  • Leave of absence may be granted for a valid reason but only on an application from the parents or guardian . This must be made in advance whenever possible.
  • Any communication, request or complaint made by a parent should be addressed to the principal and not to the class teacher .
  • Parents are requested not to take their children during class hours except in case of emergency.
  • We welcome constructive criticism. We feel happy when parents take interest in the welfare of the institution and give feedback for the improvement.