Holy Angel School

Rules and Regulations

  • All student should be present in school on the opening day of each term.
  • All students are expected to line up in silence for the assembly at the sound of the first bell. After the assembly they should disperse in silence.
  • No student leave the school premises during class hours without the knowledge and permission of the principal and a written application signed by the parents .
  • During school hours students are not allowed to receive visitors or to make a phone call. If the matter is very urgent , the message will be given to the person concerned.
  • Any damage to school property will have to be made good . The decision of the principal regarding the amount is final.
  • All student should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed . They are expected to come in uniform every day.
  • Student must come to class with the lessons well prepared and the homework completed. They are expected to be punctual.
  • Running, Playing and shouting inside the school building is not allowed.
  • Articles found in school or on its premises are to be handed over to the office.
  • Students should avoid writing , carving and scratching on walls and furniture , such habits are determined not good education and a sign of law taste.
  • Principal’s permission in required for the following :
    (a) To make a collection for any purpose whatsoever.
    (b) To arrange for a party ,picnic or meeting.
    (C) To give parents to teachers or stage displays in their honor.
    (d) To arrange private tuitions from the school teacher.